Fireside with The Widow Jane

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Whiskey depends on its water. Not just water that you may (or may not) splash into the glass, but the water the distiller uses to create the spirit to begin with, too. That fact was not lost on Don Prieto Preston.

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The Balvenie Carribean Cask

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One of the few single malt distilleries to grow their own barley, this expression of the grain is wonderful and well made.

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Aberlour 12 Double Casked

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      Liquid honey with great movement in the glass. Not thick, but not watery either. Deeply golden almost to the point of seeing some reds down in the depths.

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Whistle Pig 10 and 11 Year Old

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I recently had the chance to taste two of WhistlePig's rye offerings, and came away pleasantly surprised! Tangy, smokey, subtle and quite drinkable.

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