Whistle Pig 10 and 11 Year Old

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I recently had the chance to taste two of WhistlePig's rye offerings, and came away pleasantly surprised! Tangy, smokey, subtle and quite drinkable.

The tastings were of their standard 10 year old and their 11 year old ryes. This was nice because it allowed me to directly sample the difference a year in a cask can make. Without a doubt it was noticeable. While the 10yo was every bit as delicious as its older sibling it was also a bit sharper, that extra year allowed the older variation to mellow out and settle quite a bit. The older 11yo was the better of the two very tasty drinks.

Aging in oak is a strange thing because there are plenty of examples where older does not always mean better. We all know of this or that whiskey where for instance a 12yo offering is better than a 15yo. Now, some of that could be due to pricing influencing our opinions, but I noticed this with some offerings at WhiskeyFest where all of the tastings were free... so that can't always be the case.

Regardless both of these were solid offerings and I can definitely see why they get the ratings they do from the press. The distillers at WhistlePig obviously know their way around a still. 

Visual: Beautifully golden with hints of oaky brown. Crystal clear even when lightly iced, no cloudiness.

Aroma: Smokey, malty, and all of that overlaid with whiffs of that special rye tang that lovers of the style dig.

Pallet: Rye spiciness takes front and center, backed up nicely by the oakiness and a gentle alcohol bite. Well put together and enjoyable.

Overall: I liked these and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally like ryes. While I personally wouldn't make this my go-to drink at a bar, I can honestly recommend that if you like rye, even a little bit, you need to be drinking this. Smooth, warming, spicy, tangy, everything you reach for a rye for... you'll find in this dram.