Fireside with The Widow Jane

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Whiskey depends on its water. Not just water that you may (or may not) splash into the glass, but the water the distiller uses to create the spirit to begin with, too. That fact was not lost on Don Prieto Preston.


Several years back when he decided to create a Kentucky style whiskey he chose the Widow Jane mine in New York for his water. Water comes out of the Widow Jane cold, heavy with minerals and clean filtered through centuries of limestone. And these aspects definitely show up in the nosing glass.


The Widow Jane mine is part of the Rosendale, NY located Snyder Estate Natural Cement Historic District. In the 1800’s natural cement formations were discovered on this land. The Widow Jane mine was carved out as part of the excavation to capitalize on this resource. The mine still exists and can be visited and toured if you are in the area.


Visual: Deep burnt amber, browns and hints of reds. Like old, well-worn leather. Crystal clear and completely absent of cloudiness despite its being unfiltered.


Aromatic:Sharp, buttery sweetness with hints of caramelized sugars. Lingering, this aroma is beautiful in its own and sets the expectation for a great experience.


Pallet: Cherry wood smoke, very smooth, very mature. Plenty of toasty oak notes and lots of stony minerality. I know that doesn’t sound appealing but trust me on this, it works just as well here as it does in great wines!


Mouthfeel: Smooth, round, velvety. I’ve had bourbons older than I am that were rougher than this. Very polished dram.


Overall: Tremendous fan of this whiskey. Sip it sitting in front of a fire and reflect on the day past, lost loves, good friends, great food, in short all of the things that make up a life well lived. It was made for just such evenings.