The Balvenie Carribean Cask

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One of the few single malt distilleries to grow their own barley, this expression of the grain is wonderful and well made.

The Balvenie comes to us as a distillery from way back in the 1890’s. Originally built by William Grant to help offset production shortages at the ‘older sister’ Glenfiddich distillery The Balvenie didn't get bottled as its own whiskey until as recently as the 1970’s. Prior to that all production was used as blending whiskey by the Grant family. Across their range The Balvenie comes through with strong honey and malt notes and The Carribean Cask is no different.

Visual: Deep, warm golds without venturing into reds. Clear, crystalline liquid.

Aroma: Warm honey, with just a hint of molasses sweetness. I was expecting the nose to be all rum but am pleasantly surprised.

Pallet: Strongly honeyed, clover, spring grasses with plenty of malty back end. Almost no rum notes to speak of, just enough to let you know its there, but you have to hunt for it. Plenty of heat on the back with a nice malt lingering around after its gone down.

Mouthfeel: Nice and thick, round and lingering.

Overall: Excellent expression to say the least. Like with all Balvenie offerings this is a great way to enjoy malt whiskey. The idea of putting it in rum casks was brilliant but in the final product the rum is barely there at all. Don’t go into this thinking that you are going to be enjoying a super-strong rum with malt notes because you won’t. You’ll enjoy a great single malt that happens to have a few rum notes.