Coney Island Albino Python

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Now this is something you don’t get in your glass everyday. Silky smooth, great champagne-like mouthfeel, fantastic aromas, the Coney Island Albino Python from Shmaltz Brewing is the bomb!


Visual: Great, golden-straw colors dancing under a rocky, krausen-like head. That head is there to stay, too, with cream colored notes, it leaves thick, staying lace all around the glass. This beer obviously has a heavy carbonation but it also has the protein structure to hold all of that gas.


Aroma: Dry grasses, plenty of malts, muted orange peel notes and just a hint of sourdough! Where is that coming from?


Pallet: The muted spice notes are just strong enough to tangle with the maltiness which is really this beer’s leading flavor note. Warm, toasted breads, biscuits, the whole range of a standard malt-forward flavor profile. But behind them all are those damned spices which for the life of me I can’t figure out. Hops are definitely in the back seat, very mild with little or no aroma hops that I can detect.


Mouthfeel: Champagne-like is the best descriptor. Nice and silky without being clingy or cloying, tons of bubbles, fizzy but not like cheap cola fizzy.


Overall: Blown away by this beer, truly. Consider this a savory wit beer and you will have it pegged. Apparently this is a wit, but brewed lager-style with some unusual spices and Shmaltz does a great job with it.


 According to the Shmaltz website the spices in consideration here are ginger, crushed fennel, and sweet orange peel. Very well played, SBC!