Southampton Pumpkin Ale

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Of late I’ve been taking notice of Southampton brewery. Not that they are brand new, no they’ve been around a while now.


Its just that for some reason I’m seeing them everywhere and tasting them. And liking them! This is probably the fourth or fifth Southampton beer I’ve had in the last two months and they know their stuff.


Visual: Light copper, clear pour, no sediment. Initially a decent head (I tend to pour rough) but it faded rather fast and left nothing. No lacing, no thin foam on the beer, just gone!


Aroma: Mild malt with pumpkin layered sweetly over the top. Not too strong, very pleasant.


Pallet: Initial strong pumpkin eventually gives way to mild malt notes on the finish. Hops were practically non-existent.


Mouthfeel: On the thin side of medium. Absolutely standard for what is basically a brown ale.


Overall: Loved the sweet pumpkin aroma here. It wasn’t so strong as to ruin the beer, though. Overall a really pleasant beer that is eminently sessionable.