Reviews and Ethics Statement

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Unfortunately I didn't win the lottery this week. Or last week. And that's going to be true regardless of which week you read this in because I don't play the lottery. :)

But since this site and its reviews constitute more of a passion for me than a business from time to time I do accept donations from producers for reviews. I feel that this is acceptable under two conditions: 1) That I tell you, my readers about this, and 2) I tell the producers that I'm going to be honest beforehand. This document serves as official notice of how I manage this process. 


Having said all of that I will say that in my reviews I do acknowledge my own taste bias. If someone sends me a spicy rye whiskey I won't like it as much as I do a scotch because I just am not a rye fan. I won't trash the rye in the review, I'll simply note my preference and then grade the rye against what I know a rye should be. The same holds true for beers and wines. I have more than enough experience with all three families of alcohol that I know what bad beers, screwed up whiskeys and crappy wines taste like. If someone sends me a crappy wine I'll say so. If someone sends me something that I am biased against but it's still well made, I'll take that into consideration and grade evenly regardless.

In all instances my goal is to provide a valuable service to my readers.

So what are my biases? Well, let's start with things I like best...


The Things I Like
Whiskey Beer Wine
Medium peated Scotches Deep, chewy stouts and porters Soft, round cab sauv's
Light, sweet scotches Effervecent, estery wheats, wits Nebbiolos
Burbons Clean, dry pils Sauv blancs, easy on the grapefruit
Good American corn whiskey Anything unique and interesting


And of course now I should fill out the other side here:


The Things Don't I Like
Whiskey Beer Wine
Super Peats, peat, peat, peat Super IPA's, hoppity-hops Super tannin reds that grab you by the throat
Rotgut Mass market swill Jug wine
Sour, spicey, tangy ryes Lambics High acid whites
Clear whiskeys (why not just mix with vodka?) Anything boring


If you are still with me and you want to contact me to review a product or you have a question about one of my reviews then please hit the contact info in the footer at the end of this page. Thank you for reading!