Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale

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One of the go-to beers in my experience this is about as pleasant, easy drinking and likable as beer gets. Rich, nutty, malty aromas lift off of a thick, tan head and are followed by one of the smoothest beers around.


Visual: Dark, coppery-red pour, with dark browns and deep earthtones. Head is large, rocky, tanned, delicious looking. It hangs around for a while and leaves a generous lacing on the glass.


Aroma: Roasted nuts, caramels (faintly), rich malt notes with a mild sense of hoppiness somewhere deep in the back. Malt-forward, certainly.


Pallet: Excellently balanced. No flavor component is too loud, all play well together. Malt takes center stage and brings toasty flavors, oatmeal, and cooked grains along with it. Those all get well balanced by a light support structure of hops and yeastiness.


Mouthfeel: Thick, not too chewy but it definitely isn’t a soda you are drinking. Leaves that refreshing, mild bitterness on the far backend like other great beers.


Overall: Like I said in the intro this is one of my go-to beers and is perfect late on a cool fall/winter day. I can’t count the number of Nut Browns I’ve drank but I’ve enjoyed everything about each one I’ve ever had in front of me.